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SuperCoco gives you constant practice listening and speaking—you develop real conversational skills. Our unique adaptive system provides “training wheels for Spanish,” so that correct patterns of speech become ingrained almost without effort.

Learn anywhere, anytime

Wondering how to find time for Spanish? With SuperCoco you can learn Spanish while doing other things. On your commute, walking or jogging, doing chores—any time you could be on the phone, you can be learning Spanish.

Practical & Entertaining

SuperCoco teaches authentical, practical Spanish for real life. Every conversation tells a story—filled with humor and drama. By learning in context, with real emotions, you remember better and learning is just more fun!

How to be an effective language learner


Learn language—learn culture

Our writers hail from all parts of the Spanish-speaking world, bringing both language and authentic culture.

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From our blog

How to roll your R's: The definitive guide

on September 7, 2017

Rolling your R’s feels impossible—until you know how to do it. … And then it’s easy. When I was learning, most of what I found on the web was frustrating. A huge amount of “tips” and “tricks” that didn’t help and wasted my time. But here’s the thing: A rolled R is not a “trick”—it’s a skill. Any skill can be learned if you have two things: A clear understanding of the goal; (What is a rolled R, actually?

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Demystifying untranslateable language features

on August 24, 2017

You just wouldn’t understand In high school French class, I was sorely disappointed when our teacher refused to teach us the subjunctive. She said it was too hard, because it simply couldn’t be translated into English. And that just made it more tantalizing! She was, of course, being ridiculous. Although mastering the French subjunctive is a challenge for English speakers, it’s not nearly as hard as she made out. She just didn’t know how to demystify the “untranslateable”.

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How I came to love conjugation drills

on April 28, 2017

The unexpected pleasures of drilling Spanish verbs I definitely didn't see this coming: I've been using our new conjugation trainer for a few weeks—and actually loving it. As I’ve written before, I’m a staunch believer in learning in context—with engaging content. Conjugation drills are about as boring and out-of-context as you can get. What happened? How to be an effective language learner Exclusive 5-part course when you join our newsletter Waiting for the need No doubt the first key to loving conjugation drills was waiting until I really felt the need.

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A year of learning Spanish with SuperCoco

on April 21, 2017

Eating my own dog food SuperCoco is an iPhone app for learning Spanish through conversations. I am SuperCoco’s developer and I’ve been eating my own dog food—learning Spanish exclusively through SuperCoco—for almost a year. Today I took the Cervantes Institute prueba de nivel (placement exam) and scored a high B1 (between B1.3-B1.4), placing me squarely in Intermediate level1. In this article, I’ll give my thoughts on what this result means; more importantly, I want to assess what’s working well in SuperCoco and where it still needs improvement.

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