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Real practice speaking

SuperCoco gives you constant practice listening and speaking—you develop real conversational skills. Our unique adaptive system provides “training wheels for Spanish,” so that correct patterns of speech become ingrained almost without effort.

Learn anywhere, anytime

Wondering how to find time for Spanish? With SuperCoco you can learn Spanish while doing other things. On your commute, walking or jogging, doing chores—any time you could be on the phone, you can be learning Spanish.

Practical & Entertaining

SuperCoco teaches authentical, practical Spanish for real life. Every conversation tells a story—filled with humor and drama. By learning in context, with real emotions, you remember better and learning is just more fun!

How to be an effective language learner


Learn language—learn culture

Our writers hail from all parts of the Spanish-speaking world, bringing both language and authentic culture.

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Por vs. para: train your intuition in four short lessons

Interactive lesson and quiz. Por and para seem totally confusing—until you realize it's all variations on the same pattern.

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How to roll your R's: The definitive guide

Rolling your R's feels impossible—until you know how to do it. And then it's easy. This article gives a series of simple steps—each one very easy—and by the end, you'll be rolling your R's like a native. Learning Spanish, Italian, Russian, or Arabic? The rolled R is the sound you need!

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Demystifying untranslateable language features

Whenever you encounter a language feature that can't be directly translated—and therefore seems exotic and perhaps, incomprehensible—look for an analogy in English. Instantly, the exotic becomes familiar.

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How I came to love conjugation drills

I never thought I'd enjoy practicing conjugations. But if you do it at the right time and in the right way, it's actually a pleasure.

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