The SuperCoco way

How it works and where the magic is.

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1. Practice having conversations…

We set out to build an app where you constantly practice using Spanish—by having conversations.

But how can you have conversations, if you don’t know Spanish?

2. With training wheels…

Imagine you could have a little angel on your shoulder. Whenever there’s some Spanish you don’t know, the angel whispers it in your ear.

And since the angel knows cognitive science, it worries about your retention. It doesn’t just whisper in your ear, it pauses the conversation and gives you a chance to practice. And it brings you back to the same conversations over time (using a spaced repetition algorithm, of course).

Those are the training wheels. They enable you to efficiently absorb the Spanish in every conversation you have.

3. That gradually come off.

If we stopped there, we’d have a pretty good system. But that’s where the magic starts. Unlike with a bicycle, our training wheels gradually come off at just the right time.

Because SuperCoco tracks every word and sentence you’re learning, it knows when to whisper in your ear and when to keep quiet.

It knows when to teach you a new Spanish word—and when to just cue you in English and expect you to produce the Spanish. And when that happens, you realize you’re not just memorizing lines, you’re learning to speak Spanish.

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PS. And there’s more…

Absorbing Spanish from conversations is the foundation. Everything else depends on it.

But some aspects of language are best learned through other techniques. For example, SuperCoco offers a full course on how to pronounce the sounds of Spanish. Sure, you can pick that up just from conversations, but you’ll master it faster by doing the course.

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